Database Services

Your business relies on its applications and the databases they connect to.

Without proper expertise during a design project or in ongoing maintenance, database access can become sluggish and unresponsive, resulting in lost productivity and lost revenue.

Our consultants can work with you on design and implementation projects or reviewing existing environments, to ensure you're getting the most from your databases.

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The scalability and long-term stability of any SQL Server database project depends on the success of the design - an incorrect choice at design time can result in a lifetime of sluggishness and maintenance headaches.

We work with clients on a consulting basis to review their database schema from datatype choices to clustering keys and normalization, reporting on any concern areas and making recommendations for improvement.


All too often, application databases are developed almost as an afterthought to the program code, resulting in a database that can hamper the systems responsiveness and scalability.

We spend time profiling and load testing existing systems to identify poorly performing queries, system resource bottlenecks and SQL Server platform settings that are causing performance problems and provide recommendations on how to optimize them.


Ongoing maintenance is a crucial activity to running a stable, high-performing SQL Server environment.  On a number of occasions, we've found system crippling performance issues caused by simple oversights that could be avoided.

Transaction logs not being backed up properly (filling drive space), MSDB backup rows not being cleansed periodically and a lack of index and statistics maintenance are some of the surprisingly common problems we find when reviewing smaller scale databases.

These problems can be resolved quickly and easily bringing your application back to it's proper performance levels, and keeping them there.


If you suffer a database server outage or a problem with your database itself, where would you go for help?

Alot of IT departments and providers lack the proper SQL Server knowledge and experience to adequately support their customers databases in a crisis situation.

With Sthenica, you can be sure you're properly protected.  Our support staff have a great deal of experience of supporting SQL Server environments, and with our freephone support line, calls to our support department won't cost you a penny giving you a low cost of ownership.

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