Social Media Monitoring

With ever more social media sites appearing, when your customers have a bad experience, the word will spread quickly.

We use our expertise to mine and monitor social media for negative posts, sending real-time alerts whenever your company (and your competitors) are mentioned - a powerful reputation protection and leads generation service.

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Listen to Your Customers

When your customers take to social media to mention your company, you need to listen.  By monitoring for negative posts, we let you know when your customers are upset so you can respond quickly.

Find Sales Opportunities

Tracking social chatter from your competitors clients gives you a huge advantage.  By monitoring social media sites, you get real-time alerts when your competitors customers are unhappy, giving you the unique opportunity to turn their failures, into your success.

Protect Your Brand

Negative posts don't just come from customers.  With a number of high-profile cases of employees posting defamatory remarks about their companies, monitoring your brand is a crucial activity.

Identify Influencers

Identifying the influencers in your industry gives you a powerful way to target your marketing spend to engage and win brand supporters.

Identify Your Competitors

Tracking industry conversation identifies your competitors in each network, but can also identify who is successful and who isn't - a valuable tool for assessing viability and threats.

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