Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the practice of turning raw data into powerful business insight.

A properly designed business intelligence environment extracts value from a number of source systems in a business (CRM, ERP, Accounting etc) by analysing and displaying trends in the raw data, improving productivity, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

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Dashboards give a quick point-in-time view of how the key areas of your business are performing.  With a live dashboard at your fingertips, you'll know exactly when and where your business needs improvement giving you the opportunity to react quickly.


Reporting provides a historical view of your businesses performance, giving you a review tool to monitor ongoing performance and identify areas for improvement.

Data Warehousing

A data warehouse is a specialized database designed for reporting purposes.  With a well designed data warehouse, data is extracted from multiple sources and compiled into a centralised, high-performing location for querying and analysis.

Support and Development

We provide bespoke development services to customers new to business intelligence, in addition to interim support and coaching to existing teams for large companies.

We develop rich, engaging HTML/CSS dashboards in the Kendo UI/Dataviz framework for application integration or low-cost, platform independent projects.

For enterprise business intelligence projects, we prefer to work with the Microsoft SQL Server (SSRS/SSIS) and Business Objects (Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, Enterprise) suites.

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